Thursday, February 15, 2018

Drycha Hammadreth

Recently, I got Drycha Hammadreth model as a gift from a friend. It is a beautiful model, so I could not wait to paint it. Since I have already painted many Sylvaneth models, I am very familiar with the color theme I use, so I am able to work very quickly. This model took me around 3 and a half hours to finish, and I think it is a great addition to my Sylvaneth collection:

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Kurnoth Hunters and Sylvaneth Wildwood

In the past few weeks, I've been doing more painting than usual. I'm very close to having a completely painted Sylvaneth army - and that keeps me motivated. On the pictures below, you can see my second unit of Kurnoth Hunters (with bows) as well as Sylvaneth Wildwood.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Age of Sigmar Skirmish Campaign

Last week, my friend Aleksa and me played the first two missions of the Shadespire campaign published in "Age of Sigmar: Skirmish" book. Here are our starting warbands:

Miroslav (me):
- Bloodstoker (general)
- 2 x Blood Warriors
- Bloodreaver

Bloodthirsty, unpainted, plastic warriors of Khorne

- Lord Relictor
- 2x Liberators

Lord relictor and his two Liberator buddies

The first mission was Clash at Dawn. The main twist in this scenario comes from the fact that the deployment is determined by a die roll: table is divided in quarters and you randomly choose one of them for each of your minis. However, due to die roll, some of your minis may not start the game on the table - they will have to enter the board later. This was a pretty short affair, due to low model count on both sides and victory condition that demanded to destroy more than half of the opposing warband. Aleksa's Lord Relictor proved to be an unstoppable force in this game, while my Khorne warriors struggled to hit, well, almost anything. After only a few turns, Aleksa won minor vicotry, because he managed to kill everyone except my general, so he earned 8 RP, while I earned 6 RP for the loss.

The clash at dawn begins (sorry for a blurry picture)

After we recruited new warriors, here's how our warbands looked like:

- Bloodstoker
- 4 x Blood Warriors
- 3 x Bloodreavers

- Lord Relictor
- 2 x Liberators
- Retributor

The second scenario was Treasure Hunt. Here, we had to search for the relics among the several treasure piles. Since I had more models, I immediately ran some of them towards the two closest markers (2 and 5 on the picture below), while the others went towards the center of the board. I was very lucky to discover relics at both markers in my second turn, so all that I had to do was to delay Aleksa's warriors and hope he does not find any relics as well. The plan eventually worked out - most of my warriors died, but I stopped Stormcast Eternals from contesting my relics (and killed Reributor in the process). However, at the very end, I almost lost because two of my models fled due to failed Battleshock test at the end of the round. That left me with only two models - two lowly Bloodreavers guarding the relics. Luckily, Aleksa's models were far away from the markers, so the game ended with major victory for me.

Warbands are preparing for deployment
Well, having played (and enjoyed) Regiments of Renown format in the past, I like AoS: Skirmish a lot! It's very fun, quick (you can play a couple of games in an hour) and you can create some really cool warbands. It's a great way to start your Age of Sigmar collection (actually, I think it's a good starting point for wargamng in general). In case that you own old(er) models, you can also use them without too much trouble (in case they are not covered in the main book, there are rules made by the guys from TGA forum and their warscrolls can be downloaded for free from GW website). Since you focus on individual models, this is a great chance to create some cool conversions or try a new color scheme for your models (in order to make the members of your warband truly memorable).

Stay tuned for the rest of the campaign!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

New Models - Blood Warriors

Recently, I have purchased 5 Blood Warriors from Age of Sigmar starter set from eBay, and they have arrived today. I already had 5 of them, but since I like these models a lot, I wanted another unit of five. Also, the Blood Warriors from the starter set are a bit different that the ones from the regular 10-man box (but they lack some options when it comes to equipment) and, in my humble opinion, they look better (I really like their poses). I'm looking forward to using them in my Skirmish and Path to Glory games!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

First post after almost a year... And my Sylvaneth Army

There was not any activity on the blog for almost a year, so I decided it's time to finally put some update. I've decided to step back from Warmachine a bit - there is a lot of things that bother me with the current state of the game, but I'll leave that for another blog post. When I had time for gaming, I mostly played M:tG, MECCG (I managed to rebuild my collection) and I started playng Age of Sigmar.

I discovered Warhammer in the late 90s, but this is actually the first time that I am collecting a "proper" army. I've played various alternate formats like Skirmish, Warbands and Regiments of Renown, board and card games like "Chaos in the Old World" and "WarCry" and of course, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay - but it took me almost 20 years to finally start collecting an army :D

As the Age of Sigmar developed, I got more and more interested. I am planning to list everything I like about the Age of Sigmar in a separate post, so for now I think it's enough to say I decided to start building an army soon after General's Handbook and Battletome: Sylvaneth were released. Besides Chaos, I really liked the look of Wood Elves in the previous editions of Warhammer, so last year I purchased "Start Collecting: Sylvaneth" box. I both a few additions during the past few months, and below you can see how my army currently looks like.

I am planning to add Treelord Ancient and Tree-Revenants by the end of this year (maybe a few Sylvaneth Wildwoods), and Alarielle the Everqueen somewhere next year. I'll also have some Wanderers (Glade Guard and the Nomad Prince) as allies, or for Skirmish games (because they are cool :D). As you can see, most of the models are painted. I can squeeze only a few (and sometimes zero) hours per week for painting, so it's going very slow - but the end is in sight.

Oh, and by the way - a friend of mine decied to give me his Blades of Khorne, so I suddenly ended up with a lot of new Chaos models, so expect to see them featured here at some point!