Sunday, October 2, 2016


Since the moment I saw Sylvaneth "Start Collecting" box for the first time, I knew that, at some point, I am going to buy it. The miniatures look fantastic and I could use them both in Regiments of Renown and Warbands games (tohether with old Wood Elf rules, yay!). I also wanted to change things a bit, since I mostly collect various Chaos models and wanted something completely different. However, I was also interested in trying out Age of Sigmar and this looked like a perfect place to start. 

Since Age of Sigmar came out, there was a lot of discussion online and offline about the game and the new rules. At first, I was very sad because Old World was destroyed and could not picture myself playing the new game. However, as the time passed, my opinion gradually changed: GW kept publishing interesting stuff and new models looked better and better. Also, I liked the whole idea of "play what you want" and the lack of points (because I am more casual than tournament player), despite the fact that almost everyone I knew hated it or considered it a strange way to play. When "General's handbook" was published, not only that points were assigned to the models, but many interesting scenarios and game modes were described in the book. Lot of these scenarios and rules could be used in formats that my friends and I were playing (Regiments of Renown and Warbands) and I already have many ideas for abilities and magical items. However, I also decided to give AoS a try and buy some more models, so I can make several small forces for different factions. Expect to see some battle reports soon!

Saturday, September 24, 2016


I started playing Warmachine/Hordes in 2008. My first army was Skorne (back in MK1, when they had no way to deal with forests :D), then started collecting Trollbloods as well. Later I sold Skorne and started Everblight. However, I also liked the look of the Khador models and actually started collecting them at some point, but ultimately decided that 3 armies was too much. So, I stuck with Trolls and Legion (Trolls become my favourite faction), for several years, until I finally decided to sell my Legion and collect a small WM army. This way, I can have one army for each system (Trollbloods being my primary faction). Of course, I went with Khador. I wanted to keep the army faily small and focus on the specific list of models in the same time. Winter guard, Ulahns or Pikemen were not really my cup of tea - I wanted big, fat infantry and warjacks, as well as warcaster that cann support that style of play. Man-O-War models were exactly what I was looking for (and I really liked how they looked). As for warcasters, I started with Butcher 1 and 3, but I will definitely add either Vlad or Irusk in the future. The lists I made were not particularly competitive, but I really enjoyed playing tem (and I liked the look of the models). One of the thigs I like about Khador are their warjacks - and my favourite Khaodr warjack is Ruin. Here are the pictures of this big, mean, killing machine (I bought the model long ago, but finished the paintjob only recently):


Sunday, September 11, 2016

Mountain King

Besides Warhammer, I am also playing other miniature games - Warmachine and Infinity. I have two Warmachine armies: Trollbloods and Khador. I think that Trollbloods are probably the best looking army that Privateer Press has ever created. One of the coolest models in my collection is the Mountain King - one of the two Trollblood gargantuans. I had lots of fun painting this model, so here you can see how this big bad guy turned out:

Sunday, September 4, 2016

White Dwarf & Putrid Blightkings

This week I'm visiting my company's offices in London. Since I had some free time, I decided to find some stores that sell miniatures. Since I have never visited any official GW store, I decided to visit Warhammer Tottenham Court Road. The store itself is great and the staff is extremely friendly and helpful. I bought the new White Dwarf (with the free Slaughterpriest mini, yay!) and a box of Putrid Blightkings.

The new White Dwarf is pretty good. This issue reminds me (a lot) of the issues that I read during the late 90s - the same issues that made me fall in love with Warhammer and miniature wargaming in general. I really like "The Tale of Four Warlords" and the battle report (and there's a lot of other  interesting articles in this issue).

I was looking for Putrid Blightkings for some time - I think they are going to be great in our Regiments of Renown or Warbands games (and they can be used for Mordheim as well). And of course, the minis are fantastic and they are going to be very fun to paint. I have some ideas for a Regiment involving some Beastmen and one Blightking - can't wait to assemble the models and start playing.

However, the real gem was "The End Times: Glottkin" book I stumbled upon by pure luck. It was on offer in Dark Sphere store for 15 GBP and I bought it immediately. I was looking for these books for some time, because I want to collect the End Times storyline (and the artwork is great as well). I also like the  Legions of Chaos rules presented in the book - there are some really cool ideas I might try to add to our RoR rules, or make a few RoR scenarios based on events described in these books. 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Old GW brochures and a bit of history

Recently, I found some old GW brochures from the 90s - they were placed in one of the binders together with some of my old illustrations. I was happy to find out that they were still in decent condition, because these brochures introduced me to the Warhammer and miniature games in general. At that time (second half of 90s) it was very hard to find GW stuff in Serbia (Yugoslavia back then). The country was recovering from war (conflict in Bosnia has just ended), economic sanctions and catastrophic inflation. There was only a handful of people who knew anything about Warhammer. I stumbled upon some of them by pure chance - they were also attending classes in the comic book workshop in Belgrade. However, it was not until I got these brochures that I realized how huge Warhammer  hobby can really be.

The first one I got from a friend that visited his relatives in Norway, the second one from a friend who spent summer with his relatives in Canada. I have no idea how I got the third one, so it's probably going to remain a mystery. It's also badly damaged - it misses the first page.

I spent countless hours just looking at these brochures. Unfortunately, that was all I could do, because in post-crisis economy, miniatures were considered a luxury. My parents gave me a bit of money to buy a handful of minis - it wasn't enough for starting an army and each mini was from a different faction, but it was enough to start a new hobby (and spark my love for Warhammer and Warhammer 40K lore in general). One thing I clearly remember regarding these brochures is that I especially liked the picture where two guys were playing a game on a gaming table - because I imagined doing the same with my friends. Eventually, I was able to do the same - just many years later, after I finished the college and found the job that allowed me to build my miniatures collection.

Here are some more pictures from these brochures: